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For the typical homeowner, there are several key locations where foundation and infrastructure weakness present severe problems to both quality of life and strength in investment. If just one of these locations were to show signs of wear or possibly fail, the best-case scenario is a threat to the owner’s bottom line, and the worst case is personal injury to oneself or a tenant.

Certain environmental factors can lead to a cascading effect that will eventually negatively impact a homeowner’s time investment and property value. Poor soil will inevitably lead to poor drainage, which can and will end up severely impacting foundation integrity.  Certain states with disclosure laws aim to keep this information from potential buyers, guaranteeing that they inherit the problem.  This makes selling a home a nightmare. URETEK wants to stop this costly process in its tracks.

URETEK Deep Injection ® (UDI) is the rapid, economical solution for residential concrete lifting or residential foundation & structural repair services in locations such as swimming driveways, garages, patios, and swimming pools.  The safety of one’s family and the quality of their investment is ensured by URETEK to make household foundations healthy and safe.

For residential alignment, sinkhole repair, patio lifting, and void filling UDI offers fast repair and almost immediate improvement in foundation integrity in much less time for fractions of the price.

Common Causes of Residential Infrastructure Failure

Poor soils and unlevel foundation affect several locations of a typical property.  For a house, the symptoms include but aren’t limited to: cracks on walls, sticky or unyielding doors, tilting floors, and jammed windows.

Weak or shifting soils beneath driveways can lead to cracks and improper drainage issues for homeowners.  Many times, these issues are seen as merely cosmetic.  However, improper drainage can lead to erosion problems elsewhere, and broken driveways can continue to move, creating trip hazards as well as safety problems for drivers.

Concrete patios that are out of level will often appear that way to the naked eye.  In many cases, the patio will have sloped back toward the home, resulting in interior or basement flooding.  In addition to flooding issues, an improperly sloped concrete patio can cause basement dampness, termites, and eventual foundation problems such as settling and sinking.

A concrete pool out of level will be easy to detect because the water in the pool will not be even.  If not corrected, the pool will continue to get worse and could crack and ultimately fail.  This will result not only in water and chemical loss but will also involve costly repairs to the pool structure.  Additionally, pool failure usually comes with an environmental impact on surrounding landscaping features.

Many void spaces are detected under garage slabs that crack and sink towards the inside of the home.  Repairing these problems is critical because a garage slab must generally meet the liquid fuel’s code in order to pass a home inspection.

Locating the Problem Area

URETEK routinely begins each residential foundation repair service job with either an on-site consultation or, to the customer’s discretion, several remote video/phone related options, including video chat or any pictures taken to preserve their privacy.  Once any and all information has been communicated, it is used to determine exact locations and levels for the injection of the polymer material used to strengthen and densify problem soil strata.

Monitoring the Repair Process

On subsequent scheduled appointments, URETEK crews return to complete work on any additional track that may suffer from the same issues. The polymer expansion reaches 90 percent of its full compressive and tensile strength within approximately 15 minutes.  Because the polymer material is exceptionally light, any additional overburden weight is kept to a minimum.  The properties of URETEK’s polymer material is carefully matched to typical base material compressive strength characteristics.

Repairing the Problem Area

Once the problem areas have been identified, URETEK crews develop a site-specific injection plan to address the issues.  After determining factors including differentials in elevation, erosion, and water damage, the compromised section of track is identified, and URETEK technicians drill through a railbed in accordance with a predetermined grid pattern. Injections are made directly through the railbed, and laser level monitoring equipment was utilized to detect vertical movement.

Because URETEK 486 Star® is hydro-insensitive, any trapped subsurface water or wet soil has no detrimental effect on the material’s structural integrity or performance and is repelled during the injection process. As the water is forced away, the wet soil is densified to provide a firm geo-material that lasts for years and years.

The injection process is repeated, using a gridwork of hole locations until the entire area is sufficiently filled and sealed by the polymer. If the road, runway, or panel also needs to be leveled or raised, this is achieved through further monitored injections.

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Our proven UDI application is also the preferred method for stabilizing weak soils and lifting settled parking lots and paved public spaces.

The UDI Advantage


UDI requires no excavation, and projects can often be completed in hours or days. Traditional repair methods often involve excavation, and the time required for project completion can be weeks.


The repair process is priced consistently below alternative repair methods, and implementing repairs now significantly reduces further repair costs down the road.


URETEK’s 486 Star polymer is specially formulated for stability and strength, even in the harshest environments. Our polymer is hydro-insensitive, and UDI is warranted against loss of dimensional stability or deterioration.


URETEK’s 486 Star polymer material has been used to successfully complete over 100,000 projects nationwide. The lightweight, expansive geo-polymer material not only realigns concrete pavement but also addresses the problem at the source – weak soil composition – giving customers a long-lasting solution.

Minimally Disruptive

Unlike other repair methods, UDI is minimally disruptive and requires no excavation.


Liability risk is greatly reduced with UDI due to an inherently safer working environment without deep excavation or heavy equipment. The process and material are eco-friendly and meet today’s high environmental standards.

Residential Concrete Lifting Depends on UDI

For household maintenance, time truly is money. For example, should repairs require the evacuation of a significant portion of one’s home or street, traffic must be either diverted or stopped until the repair is complete. When quality of life comes to a halt, associated costs in man-hours, re-crews, and fuel consumption can greatly affect a homeowner’s or realtor’s bottom line.

URETEK can restore the integrity of patios, swimming pools and stabilize roads and homes with no requirement to disrupt domestic life for extended periods. Our ability to clear work areas, allow train traffic to pass, then return to work immediately keeps operations running with minimal interruption.

Trusted Vendor for Railroad Maintenance Programs

URETEK understands that your home is likely your most important investment. For over 30 years, we’ve been developing and leading an industry that provides unmatched concrete leveling and soil stabilization services. The same unparalleled results we’ve provided for industrial, commercial, and governmental clients are what we offer to homeowners.

When we arrive, our crews get right to work on a site-specific repair or maintenance solution that quickly mitigates weak soil issues and extends the reliable working life of important assets. Best of all, our zero-excavation solution means the work is completed in days, not weeks or months. When the job involves stabilizing base and subbase soils and restoring critical rail systems to their optimal functional state, nobody does it better or faster than URETEK.

Contact URETEK today to learn more about our speedy pavement maintenance and repair solutions that keep budgets in line while assuring many more years of reliable service from important roadways.

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