When they suddenly occur, few things are more startling than sinkholes.  Most sinkholes are usually related to underground pipe, utilities, or weak soils.  In some cases, however, sinkholes represent the final stages of a long-acting geological process taking place well beneath your home.  Most sinkholes require engineering support staff to conduct ground-penetrating radar (GPR) testing and determine the exact cause. To learn more about our sinkhole repair services, contact us today.


Fresh cracks in the foundations of houses and buildings
New cracks in interior walls
New cracks in the ground outside
Depressions in the ground
Trees or fence posts that tilt or fall
Doors or windows suddenly become difficult to open or close

How We Repair

We use URETEK Deep Injection® (UDI) to fix sinkholes, but each case needs to be carefully inspected to determine the amount of polymer resin required, as well as the depths of the process.  UDI stabilizes the soils to prevent further erosion and increases the soil bearing capacity.

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Our proven UDI application is also the preferred method for stabilizing weak soils and lifting settled parking lots and paved public spaces.

The UDI Advantage


UDI requires no excavation, and projects can often be completed in hours or days. Traditional repair methods often involve excavation, and the time required for project completion can be weeks.


The repair process is priced consistently below alternative repair methods, and implementing repairs now significantly reduces further repair costs down the road.


URETEK’s 486 Star polymer is specially formulated for stability and strength, even in the harshest environments. Our polymer is hydro-insensitive, and UDI is warranted against loss of dimensional stability or deterioration.


URETEK’s 486 Star polymer material has been used to successfully complete over 100,000 projects nationwide. The lightweight, expansive geo-polymer material not only realigns concrete pavement but also addresses the problem at the source – weak soil composition – giving customers a long-lasting solution.

Minimally Disruptive

Unlike other repair methods, UDI is minimally disruptive and requires no excavation.


Liability risk is greatly reduced with UDI due to an inherently safer working environment without deep excavation or heavy equipment. The process and material are eco-friendly and meet today’s high environmental standards.

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