Sustainable Solution

Pavement Preservation:

URETEK USA focuses solely on rehabilitating pavement assets through advanced technology characterized by superior chemistry, inventive technique, and extensive experience. URETEK repairs and/or improves the soil strength beneath your existing pavement assets. Solving the problem of your soil structure’s stability and providing you with an improved pavement sub-base will allow you to stretch your funding by rehabilitating or preserving your pavement.

  • Up to 75% lower cost and up to 90% faster than reconstruction
  • Extend the life of your pavement assets
  • Project work completed in hours/days versus weeks/months

Low Environmental Impact:

Because we rehabilitate your existing pavement assets, the URETEK process has an extremely low carbon footprint. The URETEK material is environmentally benign and continually exceeds environmental standards. We always respect our surroundings and provide the least disruptive materials and processes in our industry.

  • Our materials are NSF 61 certified, safe to inject around drinking water systems
  • The URETEK Process minimizes or eliminates work zone delays
  • Allows the client to reuse existing resources

Eliminate Downtime:

URETEK’s process of repair can be performed at night, or during low traffic congestion hours, reducing the impact of repair time on the traveling public. Time requirements for the Deep Injection (DI) Process are reduced to hours instead of the days or weeks required for traditional repair techniques. Operational downtime is dramatically reduced or even eliminated.

  • Fast installation, curing and cleanup
  • Increase productivity of traveling public
  • Minimize or eliminate traffic disruption and thereby increase safety