Superior Product

The URETEK WayTM employs high density expanding structural polymers to stabilize soils at depth. Once the soils beneath the rigid or flexible pavements are addressed, then we can lift and realign the pavements as needed. Most importantly, The URETEK Way returns your pavement system to its original design with a stronger sub-base and improved soil structure.

URETEK’s Structural Polymer resin components are injected, using small (5/8”-2”) drilled holes, directly through the pavement structure. The low viscosity polymer flows easily into the voids and weak zones in the soil mass. As the reaction occurs, the expanding polymer compacts the surrounding soils. A controlled mold pressure is exerted on a limited (8 to 10 foot diameter) area of the affected pavement. Patterned multiple injection locations are used to re-support and accurately return pavement to its original grade. The composite material quickly cures into a strong, stable, and long lasting replacement base material.

  • URETEK 486 material is guaranteed for a period of ten years against any significant shrinkage or deterioration.
  • The URETEK process time requirement is significantly shorter than any other repair method being used today.
  • For concrete pavements, the smaller diameter and minimal number of injection holes used yields far less overall slab weakening.
  • The rapid curing of URETEK 486 provides surgical control of the process.
  • Injecting the lightweight URETEK 486 material into the soils significantly increases the soil stiffness without additional overburden.
  • The URETEK 486 material is hydro-insensitive: it creates a dimensionally stable structural polymer even when injected into wet soils.
  • The highly controllable URETEK 486 material allows for precision adjustments to 1/8”.