Sinking Pool Symptoms and Repair

Why URETEK for Sinking Pools

URETEK’s unique, expanding geo-polymer has a wide variety of applications when it comes to precise, structural stabilization and soil densification. That is why more residential pool owners and companies are choosing URETEK to stabilize and realign existing pools experiencing settlement and trip hazards. With many newer pools under warranty from the builder, pool owners request URETEK as a quick, long-lasting, economical repair method so they can enjoy their pool faster without having to completely replace pool sections and landscaping.

Symptoms of a Sinking Pool

  • Uneven Pool Water Level
    Soil erosion, poor soil compaction, leaky pool equipment are all culprits to a pool sinking and becoming unbalanced.
  • Leaky or Poorly Maintained Equipment
    A pool that is out of balance can cause costly damage to the pool equipment as well as the structural condition of the pool body itself. Problematic washouts and soaked soil eventually will lead to pool settlement.
  • Uneven Concrete Decking
    Sunken and uneven concrete decking is not only annoying and unsightly, but is a liability concern for your family or community pool as a trip hazard.

How It Works

URETEK’s expanding, structural grade geo-polymer is injected through very small, 5/8″ holes through the base and sides of the pool where settlement has occurred. The injected geo-polymer rapidly expands and cures into any voids and tightens up weak soil around the pool to effectively stabilize the pool structure. Once the pool is stabilized, highly trained technicians will inject geo-polymer through the small holes where the pool needs to be realigned.