Cracked Sinking Drain in Church Parking Lot Storm Drain

Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX was experiencing a settling problem with a parking lot storm drain. Settlement of up to 1.0” was noted, and the surrounding flat work was cracking due to the stress of the sinking drain structure. The church chose URETEK ICR to perform the work because of the impressive warranty and the technology that URETEK ICR offers.

The church wanted to cause as little shutdown time for their parking lot as possible. As such, a solution was sought that would not interrupt their daily or Sunday services.

Second, there was no desire to completely replace the storm drain because of the time, cost, and disruption to the drive area it would cause. In short, something was needed to solve the sinking, soil eroded, unstable storm drain that would not disrupt the church. The void fill & stabilization was performed with the assistance of lasers to accurately lift and void fill the sunken, unstable concrete.

URETEK ICR utilized The URETEK Method because of the speed of application and therefore caused minimal disruption to the church facilities.

The material and process successfully brought the settling storm drain back into specification and restored the structural integrity of the parking lot. This saved the church money in two ways: no need for expensive concrete replacement, and no disruption to their activities.