Nationwide Pavement Lifting & Soil Stabilization

Our nation’s roadways are critical to our economic strength and to our way of life. Every one of us knows the pleasure of driving down a newly-finished stretch of road. Unfortunately, we also understand how many of the roads we travel have suffered from settlement issues over the years.

Pavement Soil Stabilization

When erosion or unstable soils lead to horizontal or longitudinal cracks, when joints settle out of alignment, or when whole pavement sections shift away from their designed grade, that is the time to call URETEK.

Nationwide Roadway Lifting

Across the country, our crews work with state Departments of Transportation to keep our nation’s roads smooth and level. We have completed every kind of road job you might face, and we stand ready to provide you with a fast, reliable solution right now. We have the most experience in the industry, and our body of work speaks for itself.

Roadway Solutions