Commercial Slab Lifting & Repair Solutions

URETEK Deep Injection (UDI) is the rapid, economical solution for commercial foundation and pavement system repair.

For all commercial applications including office buildings, warehouses, retail centers, hotels, resorts, universities, schools, hospitals, multi-family properties, airports, and public terminals, UDI offers almost immediate results.

Each job is different, but the outcome is always the same: UDI restores commercial properties to a stable, safe, and level condition above stabilized soils in much less time and for dramatically less money than full-reconstruction methods.

Common Causes of Commercial Property Foundation Issues

Both natural and man-made causes can lead to weak soils beneath commercial structures. The original soil composition may have included loosely-packed materials that were not packed well before construction, or nearby drilling or excavation may have resulted in compromised soil quality. Regardless of the cause, weak soils generally result in subsidence, which often leads to the formation of voids beneath the surface in base and subbase soils. Left unchecked, subsidence beneath commercial properties can have a negative impact on building foundations and nearby pavement systems. Symptoms of weak soils under commercial properties include foundation settlement, cracks in slabs, dips and heaves in parking lots and other paved public spaces, and evidence of soil subsidence in proximity to the commercial property.

The stability of any structure or concrete slab is based largely on the properties of the soil it is built upon

When commercial structures settle, shift, and move, it can be the result of several soil-related circumstances that include building on expansive clay, compressible or improperly compacted fill soils, or improper maintenance of the grounds around a foundation. When settlement occurs, it can destroy the value of the building and even render it unsafe.

Traditional methods, such as cementitious grouting (often referred to as mudjacking), have provided less than ideal results and have been used in the past as a temporary solution to a long-term problem.

Traditional Mudjacking Repair – A Short-Term Fix

Although the concept and best practices behind traditional slab lifting and mudjacking methods are credible and still used today, the materials that are used with them often require lengthy installation times and do not stabilize the underlying soil, which is typically the source of the problem. As a result, these approaches yield a temporary fix which often result in a short life expectancy for the repair, and higher costs down the road to resolve on a more permanent basis.

Commercial Concrete Lifting Solutions with URETEK

Our UDI application lifts and levels sunken concrete slabs using a minimally invasive, high-density polyurethane foam (HDPF) material that restores the soil and the supports the slabs and pavement systems above. UDI densifies and compacts the soils beneath the concrete slab, giving the structure appropriate support again.

URETEK gives commercial property owners control over their asset value by providing total commercial foundation repair that reduces liability claims and satisfies tenants without affecting business flow.

We provide fast, non-intrusive polyurethane foundation repair, pressed piling foundation repair, concrete slab lifting, soil injection, and void fill solutions for commercial properties.

Our proven UDI application is also the preferred method for stabilizing weak soils and lifting settled parking lots and paved public spaces.

See some of our work with commercial customers in our Case Studies


URETEK Deep Injection
  • Safe, low pressure injection of polymer under concrete slabs deep down to base and subbase soils
  • Rapid polymer expansion provides ultimate control for precise leveling.
  • Material reaches 90% of strength in 15 minutes, asset can be used immediately
  • Capable precision lifting, often to 1/8″ tolerance
  • Small injection holes (5/8″) greatly reduces weakening the slab
  • One-time cost for long-term repair
Mudjacking Method
  • Improper mix design for applications in saturated soil environments
  • Insufficient cure time (minimum 3 days, 7 days optimal)
  • Constant vibration breaks the particulate bond of the slurry segregates paste and particles
  • The additional weight of grout material over distressed base material diminishes any long-term expectations
  • The hydraulically pumped slurry is difficult to control, increasing the risk of concrete breakage or over lifting


The Best Solution for Commercial Applications – URETEK Deep Injection

Restore a property’s crumbling concrete foundation with our commercial soil stabilization and concrete leveling solutions.

We fix your foundation or concrete slab quickly and effectively. Our team can successfully assess and resolve commercial concrete foundation problems of all types, while seeking to reduce facility downtime. Advanced URETEK ground engineering technology can stabilize soil settlement under heavy structures and equipment.

And when it comes to settled pavement systems like large commercial parking lots and public spaces, nobody has more experience with roadway pavement lifting than URETEK!

The UDI Advantage
  • Fast – UDI requires no excavation, and projects can often be completed in hours or days. Traditional repair methods often involve excavation, and the time required for project completion can be weeks.
  • Effective – URETEK’s 486 Star polymer material has been used to successfully complete over 100,000 projects nationwide. The lightweight, expansive geo-polymer material not only realigns concrete pavement but also addresses the problem at the source – weak soil composition – giving customers a long-lasting solution.
  • Economical – The repair process is priced consistently below alternative repair methods, and implementing repairs now significantly reduces further repair costs down the road.
  • Minimally Disruptive – Unlike other repair methods, UDI is minimally disruptive and requires no excavation.
  • Durable – URETEK’s 486 Star polymer is specially formulated for stability and strength, even in the harshest environments. Our polymer is hydro-insensitive, and UDI is warranted against loss of dimensional stability or deterioration.
  • Safe – Liability risk is greatly reduced with UDI due to an inherently safer working environment without deep excavation or heavy equipment. The process and material are eco-friendly and meet today’s high environmental standards.

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