Airport Authorities

URETEK USA provides an alternative solution for runway repair that minimizes runway downtime.

Airport Authorities

“There are approximately 8 million commercial flights flown in the United States every year, we want to be the solution to rehabilitating airport runways and taxiways.” 
URETEK USA’s solution to solve airport runway and taxiway slab  settlement involves a unique process relying on a two-part polymer system, injected beneath the concrete through pre-drilled holes of 5/8-inch diameter (penny-size). The polymer system travels through tubing to elevations beneath the pavement surface characterized by weak soils (determined by cone penetration testing). Expansion of the polymer compacts the surrounding soils – eliminating voids in the soil mass and improving bearing capacity.
Less than
Time Savings
  • 90% faster than competitive solutions
  • Project work completed in hours / days versus weeks / months
  • Fast installation, curing and cleanup
Minimal Disruption
  • Minimizes or eliminates work zone delays
  • Work often done during off peak night time hours
  • Crews dismantle and remove work zones as they finish daily
Cost Savings
  • Up to 75% less than replacement cost
  • 2-Year unconditional warranty against settlement
Predictable Results
  • 100,000 successful projects worldwide
  • Precision adjustment to 1/8″
  • Hydro- insensitive – displaces under pavement water
  • Clean, organized worksite
  • Professionally trained & certified employees
  • Environmentally safe, inert product

About The Services

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A significant dip (2″ deep) had developed Runway 1L/19R at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. An engineering investigation revealed the settlement was caused by water infiltrating the pavement system and transporting soil particles through a leaking culvert underlying the runway. The settlement presented operational problems, particularly for small aircraft.  Read the rest of the story here.
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The URETEK team includes industry experts who bring decades of practical engineering, geotechnical, chemical, construction and pavement experience to our projects.
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