"Rolling Pencil" Mystery Solved at Indianola School in Mississippi

The Problem

Indianola Academy in Indianola, Mississippi began noticing large cracks in their hallway walls and, pencils rolling off of the students’ desks. After evaluation, it was discovered that there was a three inch settlement in their foundation.

The Solution

URETEK was called in to lift and level the school’s foundation, which would close the cracks and eliminate the leaning desks causing the pencils to roll. By utilizing URETEK’s non-disruptive polymer injection technology for foundation repair and concrete leveling, the Academy was able to fix it’s foundation problems fast – without having to wait until the end of the school year.


URETEK was able to lift and level the Academy’s three-inch foundation settlement over just one weekend, so that no disruption would be made to normal school operations. No major furniture movement was required, no carpet or tile removal was needed, and the small injection holes were grouted and sealed afterwards. The area was ready for full use again 15 minutes after project completion.