Eliminating Tripping Hazards and Aligning High-Volume Surfaces

The Customer

Founded in 1912. Weis Markets is dedicated to delivering an exceptional shopping experience by offering the best service, value, quality and the freshest products.

Weis Markets strives to achieve sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact, to bring the very best in nutrition and healthy food to their markets and to deliver the highest level of customer experience and satisfaction.

The Problem

A major trip hazard appeared along the sidewalks and curbing, of the Linglestown, PA Weis Market Grocery store.

Built above a culvert, the sidewalks on both sides of the store entrance, including a safety railing, had settled causing a substantial safety-related tripping hazard to the public and customers alike.

About 70 sections of sidewalk, representing approximately 210 linear feet, were affected—with some settling as much as 3.5 inches. Additionally, there was a metal railing that had been attached to the sidewalk when the sidewalk was poured.

For this project to be successful, five criteria must be met:

  1. Raising each sidewalk panel to be even with curbs
  2. Keeping each section aligned with adjacent panels
  3. No disturbing the metal railing embedded into the sidewalk
  4. Do the work during operational hours without disturbing customers
  5. Not compromising Weis’ commitment to the environment

The Solution

URETEK was chosen to do the work as we were the only company able to meet all five criteria.

The URETEK Method® Process and URETEK Polymer Products were used to cost effectively and quickly lift and align all the panels.

The URETEK team drilled small 5/8” (penny size) holes then injected structural grade and environmentally friendly polymer underneath each sidewalk panel. In some cases multiple applications and injections were needed due to degree of settlement and lift needed.

Upon completion of the sidewalk lifting, every injection point was sealed as were any gaps between sidewalk panels or between the sidewalk panels and adjacent curbs.


In a matter of one business day URETEK technicians lifted and aligned to the curb and adjoining sidewalk all 70+ settled panels.

The work was done in sections so as to not impede any Weis Markets customer traffic with the project completed without disturbing the Weis Markets operations.

The embedded metal railing was not disturbed or accidentally misaligned, thereby keeping the visual appeal and safety of the railing intact.

In the end, the project restored visual beauty, customer safety and reduced future maintenance to the sidewalk panels. In addition, the environmentally friendly materials used in the repair kept Weis Markets commitment to the environment intact.

The final result? The restoration of a great Weis Markets customer experience to their customers and community, continuing their vision and mission to their customers, people and the environment.

Weiss Market
The URETEK crew working the misaligned slabs and open joints.
The finished project. Safety and customer experience restored.