Patio Lifting & Repair Services

Concrete patios that are out of level will often appear that way to the naked eye.  In many cases, the patio will have sloped back toward the home, which can result in interior or basement flooding.  In addition to flooding issues, an improperly sloped concrete patio can be the cause of basement dampness, termites, and eventual foundation problems such as settling and sinking.


  • Visually obvious alignment issues
  • Water collecting against the house

How We Repair

The service to fix a sinking or uneven concrete patio involves URETEK Deep Injection® (UDI) of our polymer resin under the affected areas.  We typically inject directly beneath the patio at two depths to densify the soils and lift the structure back to a grade that provides ¼” of slope per foot away from the house.  Then, based on the original condition of the patio and the process we used to address the problem, will typically provide the homeowner with a guarantee.