Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Cracks around the outside of your home or along the ceiling or walls inside might mean your foundation is shifting. Other signs might include doors that stick or no longer close. Our URETEK affiliates offer a free consultation and will be able to help determine whether you have substantial foundation or soil problems. Following your free consultation, your URETEK affiliate will explain the correct options for correcting and repairing your foundation.

A number of factors contribute to foundation and concrete problems around your home. Weak soil and voids caused by moisture changes beneath your foundation can lead to sinking, shifting, and fluctuation in your foundation. These issues are related to things like drought, poor drainage control, and soil settlement over time.

We do recommend proper home maintenance to keep the value of your home high and the cost of any unforeseen repairs low. Some good and common maintenance practices are annual home inspections, leak detection testing conservative lawn and flowerbed irrigation, and tree root maintenance (close to the house). In regions across the United States that experience a fluctuation of drought and high rainfall, we recommend talking to a geotechnical engineer to discuss existing soil conditions that may affect your concrete foundation.

URETEK technicians are trained to install our patented polymer in a non-invasive, efficient way. We will not disturb plumbing or electrical wiring. Work is controlled from a fully equipped, self-contained mobile unit parked outside your residence.

Yes, speak with your local affiliate to find out the details.

Repairs using the URETEK Method will usually last for the lifetime of your home. URETEK polymer is strong, resilient, insoluble, and highly resistant to long-term degradation. We do recommend proper ongoing home maintenance to support the life expectancy of injections. Some good and common maintenance practices are annual home inspections, leak detection testing, conservative lawn and flowerbed irrigation, and tree root maintenance (close to the home).

Most home foundations can be restored in one day.

The estimate is free! Fill out our contact form to set up a free consultation with one of our many experienced representatives.

The estimate is usually completed in a single visit. Afterward, the URETEK affiliate will offer you a solution that fits your specific needs.

Usually we recommend that someone is home during the repair process.

When URETEK injection is performed to exterior structures for soil stabilization we take care to cause little to no disturbance of your yard or landscaping. The injection process involves using strategically placed, penny-sized injection holes to install our polymers.

No furniture or appliance removal is necessary. Our repair process is quick and non-invasive.

No. Carpet, tile and other flooring can remain intact during the repair process. Our crews are trained to strategically place the injection holes (penny-sized) in locations that can easily be grouted to match the grout color or wood stain. If necessary, our crews will make a very discreet, diamond incision in the carpet to make our injection holes. Carpet is simply glued back in place to the incision is not noticeable.

Foundation repair and concrete lifting should not negatively impact your property or home value. Usually, foundation repair will help you avoid future home devaluation and more costly repairs down the road.

Yes. URETEK repairs are long-lasting and stable. Ask your nationwide affiliate about obtaining a 3rd party engineering report that details the repairs you have received from URETEK.

The URETEK method can be used to stabilize soil supporting concrete foundations. Our affiliates do network and can recommend pier and beam foundation repair and help you locate a reputable foundation repair company if necessary.

Our trained technicians will only enter your home to complete the injection. The URETEK process is designed to be clean, dust sensitive, and non-intrusive to the homeowner. The small amount of debris created from our 5/8″ (penny sized) injection holes is immediately vacuumed up. Additionally, plastic sheet and other preventative measures are used to cover furniture and flooring during the repair.

Yes. Nationwide affiliates are insured as required to perform all URETEK services including concrete lifting, foundation repair, and soil stabilization.

URETEK polymer is guaranteed to meet or exceed environmental requirements. We take pride in maintaining NSF 61 certification and our product is even safe around public water sources. Our materials and processes have passed and exceeded numerous environmental tests requested by state and federal organizations and agencies.

URETEK’s polymers reach 90% stability within 30 minutes of installation. Once our patented polymer is in place, there will not be any further movement of your foundation.

Unlike mudjacking and concrete replacement, the URETEK Method is non-destructive, long-lasting, and non-invasive. Our polymer is injected through carefully placed, penny-sized injection holes that are grouted and sealed after the repair.

Complete a request through our comprehensive form to receive a free quote.

We have affiliates nationwide ready to take care of your foundation repair and concrete lifting needs.

We sure can. Our patented polymer is hydro-insensitive and can easily stabilize and realign your pool, pool decking and surrounding patio space. In addition, landscaping, rock features, or hot tubs will not be affected during the repair process. Check with your pool builder to make sure URETEK is an acceptable option for any warrantied pool shifting repairs you need.