Portland Warehouse Calls For The Wow Factor

The “WOW factor” is an endeared term used by URETEK to describe the magic behind lifting extremely heavy concrete in a matter of hours, sometimes even minutes.

Lifting concrete using expanding polymers is not rocket science, but there is an art to it. One Portland property management firm called URETEK after noticing their warehouse floor had settled over 6 inches in some places. The 8 year old, 14,000 square foot building is used to house large amounts of pet food for distribution. The combination of heavy, weighted racks of pet food and the constant vibration of forklifts created a recipe for extreme settlement that could have potentially shut down the operation at the warehouse.

The reason URETEK was chosen to perform the project was due to the speed and effectiveness of the URETEK Method® and URETEK’s patented 684 material. The well thought out solution was to densify soils where the settlement had occurred, along with lifting the foundation to a tolerable level.

Part of the project consisted of a unique application drilling beneath the outside grade beam and stabilize along the exterior wall of the building to provide extra support and compaction on those load bearing, soils located directly under the grade beam. URETEK‘s fast acting expanding polymers were able to effectively densify, stabilize, and lift the commercial foundation back to tolerable levels, all working around the tenant’s rigorous distribution schedule.

Under any circumstance, it’s hard to be excited about concrete repair if you are having to fork over well earned money that you would like to spend elsewhere in your business. If you do however find yourself in a similar situation as this Portland warehouse, know that URETEK’s option for concrete repair gives you that “WOW factor” no other alternative does.