Hospital Infrastructure Stabilization - Emergency Void Filling

The Problem

A water main rupture beneath the patient drop off and pick up ramp caused some large voids beneath the pavement. A section of pavement was broken out to allow access for the plumbing repairs and a flowable backfill was then used to fill in the major void areas. Once the broken area of concrete was repoured, the voids beneath the adjacent panels needed to filling.

The engineer recommended our process due to the small drilled holes and the accuracy of the void fill process.

About The Project

The void fill & stabilization was performed with the assistance of lasers. URETEK ICR utilized the method between the hours of 3:00am and 5:15am one Saturday morning. With the hydrophobic properties of the material, the material reducing the high moisture content in the soil as well forced standing water out. This in turn saved the Methodist Hospital money and even possibly lives due to the speed of the URETEK Method®.


The production facility soil erosion problem was eliminated, a costly full-scale repair was averted, the hospital experienced no downtime. An additional benefit is that the URETEK 486 material used in the job has strengthened the underlying soil surface which is extending the life of the ramp while allowing it to handle greater loads than before.