Leak Sealing - Manhole Rehabilitation

URETEK’s process for leak-sealing employs a special high density structural grade geo-polymer which is injected directly through concrete or metal wall parallel with the crack or break that requires sealing. As the patented geo-polymer expands, a controlled mold pressure is exerted, filling voids and re-compacting lose soil zones beneath or behind the eroded joint.

The aggressive nature of URETEK’s geo-polymer expands, fills and seals cracks in the retaining structure from the outside, inwards. The composite material quickly cures to a strong, stable and long-lasting seal. URETEK’s joint sealing and stabilization process is particularly adaptable to manhole rehabilitation where water or wastewater infiltration or exfiltration is of concern.

Ideal Solution For:

  • Storm/wastewater manhole rehabilitation including sealing of cracked conduits
  • Basement walls and below grade parking structures and buildings
  • Elevator pits, tunnels and spillways
  • Tunnels, culverts, utilidors and other sub-grade conduits
  • Sub-grade vaults and lift-stations
  • Septic tanks
  • Pools
  • Water treatment facilities

As towns and cities grow, their infrastructure must expand to keep up. In many high growth areas, new infrastructure must be built, while the existing, aging portions must be rehabilitated. URETEK effectively puts counties, cities and municipalities in control of their aging infrastructure by saving them time and money.

Using URETEK’s non-disruptive joint sealing and infrastructure stabilization technology, decision makers on county, city and municipal boards have a clear choice on how to handle their infrastructure maintenance and repairs. URETEK’s accurate, precise, infrastructure rehabilitation methods provide a cost effective solution for any county, city or municipality that has infrastructure rehabilitation issues.

About the Video:  Gushing groundwater from Bourbon Street in New Orleans flows through a live, high voltage culvert. URETEK crews inject patented, hydro-insenstive geo-polymer to stop the water from causing further damage to underground utilities.

About the Video: This 18′ deep manhole sits between a small lake and a creek. There is a 4′ long, 1/2″ wide crack running through the bottom of the trough. Due to the depth and the presence of springs in the area, ground water was entering the manhole at high volume and high pressure. URETEK’s trained crews stopped the water, saving the city time and money.

Excavated soil showing how URETEK polymer bonds and compacts weak soil in saturated environments.