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Zero Excavation Infrastructure Repair

“As our nation’s aging infrastructure continues to crumble, URETEK is ready to help with cost-efficient & dependable repair solutions.” 
URETEK has been actively involved in efforts to restore the nation’s infrastructure for the past 25 years. We offer effective, low-cost, environmentally friendly, and safe repair techniques for strengthening underground soils. Our repair solutions are ideal for use around concrete public works and infrastructure assets experiencing failure as the result of unstable soil conditions. URETEK’s zero-excavation repair methods are ideally suited to void fill, seal, lift, and/or stabilize the soils below & around various concrete structures.

Repair and Rehabilitation Methodology

As the pioneer in ground improvement solutions with expanding polymer injection, URETEK continues to be the industry leader with it’s non-disruptive soil and concrete repair solutions. Our goal at URETEK is to provide customers with the best solution possible by solving soil issues directly at their source. With reliable soil compaction and densification solutions, we are able to strengthen weak or loose soil strata, re-level concrete, and restore load-bearing capacity while being non-destructive, and environmentally friendly.
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The URETEK stabilization solutions are ground improvement and re-leveling techniques that raise concrete slabs and fill voids using the regulated injection of lightweight, hydro-insensitive, non-hazardous expanding structural polymer. Technicians drill small holes in the concrete and inject our patented URETEK polymer underneath the affected structure where it consolidates the weak soil strata, bonds uncompacted soil and open fissures, and remediates both shallow and deep voids. After the injection process is complete, the holes are sealed, and the area is cleaned immediately. The result is strong soil, filled voids and a re-leveled and stabilized concrete slab or infrastructure asset. The structure is ready for normal operation in as little as 15 minutes.
Specific URETEK polymer meet NSF/ANSI Standard 61 requirements, making it safe to inject around public water sources. It is designed to resist and remove high moisture content from the soil. The polymer can maintain good compressive strength and rigidity even when injected directly into flowing water.
Check out a few of our highlighted infrastructure case studies.
Time Savings
  • 90% faster than competitive solutions
  • Project work completed in hours / days versus weeks / months
  • Fast installation, curing and cleanup
Minimal Disruption
  • Minimizes or eliminates work zone delays
  • Work often done during off peak night time hours
  • Crews dismantle and remove work zones as they finish daily
Cost Savings
  • Up to 75% less than replacement cost
  • 2-Year unconditional warranty against settlement
Predictable Results
  • 100,000 successful projects worldwide
  • Precision adjustment to 1/8″
  • Hydro- insensitive – displaces under pavement water
  • Clean, organized worksite
  • Professionally trained & certified employees
  • Environmentally safe, inert product

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The URETEK team includes industry experts who bring decades of practical engineering, geotechnical, chemical, construction and pavement experience to our projects.
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