Soil Erosion Repair - Levee Control - Void Filling

The recreational steps along the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain were built in 1929 and the soil beneath the steps has been eroding due to wave action, tidal action, and storms.

The voids created beneath the steps and the sidewalks on the top had become a hazard to the public. In fact, there have been many occasions over the years where human bodies were retrieved from under the steps.

Many methods had been used in an attempt to solve the problems involved. The Orleans levee control district was looking for a permanent solution. They contracted with Uretek ICR to complete a test on 100 linear feet to determine the cost factor and success of the Uretek process.

URETEK ICR utilized The URETEK Method® to fill the extreme size of voids below the steps and densified the soils beneath the deteriorating expansion joints. The material and process successfully preserved the steps for future use. This, in turn, saved Lake Pontchartrain Authority money in two ways: no need for expensive concrete replacement; and no disruption to the lake’s ecosystem or bulkhead.

The soil erosion problem under the steps at Lake Pontchartrain was successfully eliminated and a costly full-scale repair was averted. Additionally, the hazard problem was solved.