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URETEK USA is committed to providing support to our nation's military.  Wherever. Whenever.
Our goal is to keep our military safe and moving along to the next mission.  URETEK USA offers solutions that extend the life of rigid and flexible pavement assets with non-invasive, cost effective soil stabilization and pavement realignment solutions.

We have successfully completed projects for 40+ DOT’s and hundreds of DPW’s. We have annual maintenance contracts with more than a dozen states, cities, counties and airport authorities. Our clients repeatedly choose URETEK to solve their soil stabilization and pavement settlement problems because of the benefits and value that URETEK brings to their pavement asset management programs.

Engineered Products

URETEK USA’s engineered products, services and solutions bring unprecedented benefits in extending the life of highways, roads, runways, bridge approach and departure slabs and underground infrastructure, using environmentally safe, quick and precise solutions.

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Sustainable Pavement Preservation
Faster than
Percentages are based on URETEK solutions compared to total reconstruction.
  • Up to 75% lower cost and up to 90% faster than reconstruction
  • Project work completed in hour/days versus weeks/months
  • Repair of the soil strength beneath existing asphalt, concrete, and composite pavement assets provides a long-term repair with a standard two-year warranty against settlement
  • Avoid total reconstruction due to change in mission from the original traffic load design by increasing the soil strength of base and sub-base soils to support an increase in pavement thickness
Minimal Disruption & Downtime
  • Work is performed during off-peak hours
  • Crews dismantle and remove work zones as they finish each work shift
  • Time requirement is significantly shorter than any other repair method
  • Minimizes or eliminates traffic disruption and thereby increases safety 
Low Environmental Impact
  • Pavement rehabilitation and the URETEK Process combine for a very low carbon footprint
  • Our materials are environmentally neutral and NSF 61 certified, safe to inject around drinking water systems
  • Significantly reduces vehicle emissions caused by work zone delays
Superior Product
  • The rapid expansion and curing of URETEK 486 STAR provides precise control of the process
  • The URETEK 486 STAR material is water resistant; it creates a dimensionally stable structural polymer even when injected into wet soils
  • Injecting the lightweight URETEK 486 STAR material into the soils significantly increases soils stiffness with minimal increase in the weight of the soil mass
Safety & Experience
  • Enforcement of a clean and organized worksite ensure safety and efficiency URETEK employees receive continuous safety training and adhere to all Work Zone Safety Standards
  • URETEK employees are professionally trained and certified in all technical aspects of the URETEK Process
  • URETEK USA employees have performed thousands of projects in a wide variety of environments and soils conditions
The URETEK team includes industry experts who bring decades of practical engineering, geotechnical, chemical, construction and pavement experience to our projects.
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