Concrete Lifting

Take control of uneven pavement and misaligned concrete panels

Extend the life of your concrete highways, streets, and roads.

Since 1989, URETEK has put thousands of customers in control of their concrete lifting problems, saving them millions of dollars in costly repairs, downtime and disruption. URETEK USA rehabilitates pavement assets through advanced technology characterized by superior chemistry, inventive technique, and extensive experience. Our URETEK ICR division specializes in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

A customized engineered solution for eliminating sunken roadways.

URETEK’s Structural Polymer resin components are injected, using small (5/8”-2”) drilled holes, directly through the pavement structure. The low viscosity polymer flows easily into the voids and weak zones in the soil mass. As the reaction occurs, the expanding polymer compacts the surrounding soils. A controlled mold pressure is exerted on a limited (8 to 10 foot diameter) area of the affected pavement. Patterned multiple injection locations are used to re-support and accurately return pavement to its original grade. The composite material quickly cures into a strong, stable, and long lasting replacement base material.
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    The URETEK team includes industry experts who bring decades of practical engineering, geotechnical, chemical, construction and pavement experience to our projects.
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