About Uretek

URETEK USA puts customers in control of their pavement lifting and soil stabilization problems and has been doing so for more than 25 years. With over 75,000 successful jobs worldwide, URETEK USA is part of a global organization focused on controlling complex pavement lifting and soil stabilization issues for Departments of Transportation, Departments of Public Works, Bridge, Tunnel and Airport Authorities, nationwide.

URETEK USA holds numerous patents in pavement lifting and soil stabilization. In fact, most of the polymer pavement lifting technology in use today originated at URETEK. We were the first to discover the power, stability and safety of using polymer foams to quickly, cleanly and accurately lift pavement slabs. We were the first to patent and use high-density polymers to stabilize sub-surface soils, at depth. URETEK USA holds the patent on one of the most unique, strongest, safest and efficient polymer foams in the industry – URETEK 486.

URETEK USA consistently reinvests in research and development to bring the best solutions to and maintain its leadership position in the marketplace. Solutions that drive down risk, cost and time to pavement lifting and soil stabilization problems, thereby putting you, the customer back in control. Attention to the customer, technology, safety and the environment has taken URETEK USA to its leadership position.

URETEK USA’s engineered products, services and solutions bring unprecedented benefits in extending the life of highways, roads, runways, bridge approach and departure slabs and underground infrastructure, using environmentally safe, quick and precise solutions. Benefits such as:

  • Reduced Cost and Time: In some cases, up to 80% lower cost and as much as 90% reduced time versus traditional repair methods.
  • Least Disruption: Our crews complete the project, often in hours, versus the days or weeks using traditional methods. This means you can use your highway, road, runway, bridge approach/departure slab or underground infrastructure in as little as 15 minutes after application completion.
  • Predictable, Long-Lasting Repair: Our proven pavement lifting methods and technologies deliver results to 1/10″ accuracy and our hydro-insensitive polymers ensure both integrity and longevity. Our method offers the greatest accuracy and our services and products virtually eliminate the problem from ever recurring.
  • Safety: Environmentally-safe products, fewer ‘moving parts’ on the job and professionally trained and certified personnel ensure a safe job, safe solutions, and safe results.

Whether you’re a DOT, DPW, Bridge, Tunnel or Airport Authority, URETEK USA gives you control of your pavement lifting and soil stabilization problems through reduced cost, time and disruption. The life of your pavement and underground infrastructure assets is extended through use of:

  • Patented URETEK 486
  • Patented Deep Injection process

To find YOUR local URETEK USA representative, find your nearest location or call 888-287-3835.