Repair Sunken Street - Permanent Road Settlement Solution

Nearly 20 years of erosion had created deep depressions beneath a street where it crossed over a small canal. Axle-deep ponding during rainstorms complicated access and raised safety concerns for surrounding subdivisions. The local department of public works decided that repairs to the canal culverts must be made immediately to stave off further settlement of the street.

Several repair options were considered by the city to bring the road above the culverts back to grade. The cost of removing and replacing the old culverts with a bridge was proposed at $720,000. Completely removing old culverts and replacing them with new ones was estimated at $620,000. Mudjacking to fill the voids was proposed at $120,000, but would have only created more problems by adding weight to the soils underneath the road. Replacing the sub-grade was also quoted at $120,000. All of these options were out of the question for the city. URETEk estimated that the street could be completely repaired using the URETEK Method® for only $74,000.

URETEK effected a permanent solution to the city’s road settlement problem at 62% of the proposed cost of mudjacking. In two weeks, the URETEK team completely, re-aligned a road on the verge of collapse with minimal distruption to surrounding neighborhoods.

Photos Above: Roadway before (1994) URETEK realigned the sinking roadway and the roadway’s condition in 2005. Photos were NOT modified or enhanced.