What We Do

With each application, we inject URETEK 486 STAR polymer into the foundation soils to compact and stabilize the soils. When necessary to re-align the pavement, the injection of polymer into the soils continues to lift the pavement from below the base. The pavement system (concrete, asphalt, or composite) is returned to its original construction on stiffened foundation soils.

  1. Asphaltic Concrete Pavement Stabilization and Lifting
  2. Composite Pavement – Stabilization at Joints and Cracks
  3. Full Depth Pavement Patch – Stabilization of Foundation Soils
  4. Concrete Pavement – Dips and Faulted Longitudinal & Transverse Joints
  5. Drainage Systems – Repair of Leaking Joints & Compaction of Weak Soils
  6. Bridge Approach/Departure Slabs
  7. Concrete Pavement with Drainable Base – Stabilization and Lift