A Smart Buy for TX DOT in Decatur


LOCATION: US 81, Decatur, Texas


SITUATION: An area approximately 40’ x 12’ in the main lanes of US 81 had cracked & dropped 1.5 inches in the center causing the ends to pump as traffic crossed over. The pumping action was causing the ends to break apart.


  • Emergency project – TXDOT called URETEK USA on Wednesday requesting we be on site by Friday to complete the project prior to the heavy traffic expected for Memorial Day weekend.
  • The failing section of pavement had previously been injected by a competitor twice in the last two years using the old style of injection directly beneath the pavement.
  • Extremely wet soils.
  • DCP test showed extremely weak soils down to 13 feet – this lack of support caused the settlement and cracking of the pavement.
  • TXDOT wanted the area stabilized until sufficient lane closure time could be arranged to do a full depth repair of the pavement, base and sub-base.



URETEK Deep Injection® Process 

TXDOT issued a purchase order to URETEK USA using the Texas Smart Buy Procurement System to utilize the URETEK Deep Injection Process to inject our strong yet lightweight, expansive structural polymer into the soils beneath the pavement. The URETEK crew arrived on site 5/24/13 and successfully stabilized the weak soils by injection into these soils at multiple depths. They continued the injection into the soils to lift the problem area to proper grade. The entire repair was accomplished in one day allowing for safe travel over the busy Memorial Day weekend.


URETEK USA stabilized the weak subbase/subgrade and lifted the panels to grade, significantly extending the service life of the roadway. While this was intended by TXDOT as a temporary repair, URETEK USA exceeded the client’s expectations by providing a long-term repair. The only further repair necessary by TXDOT is to cut out and replace the small pieces of broken concrete.

  • Foundation soils strengthened sufficiently to support the load
  • Settled slabs lifted back to the desired elevation
  • Project executed and lane returned to service in one (1) day
  • Pavement life extended due to restoration of the slab support
  • URETEK provided a long-term repair with a two-year unconditional warranty against settlement
  • The client is pleased with the process and the results – sufficiently satisfied to issue a subsequent purchase order just one month later to repair larger section of damaged pavement on the same stretch of highway