Asphalt Rehabilitation for Ohio DOT I-275

LOCATION: Hamilton County, Ohio, Interstate 275, West of Weil Rd


SITUATION: Ohio DOT had a 2 to 6 inch dip across 6 lanes of full depth asphalt in this section of Interstate 275. This problem was caused by a compromised corrugated metal pipe at -50 feet. The leaking pipe was allowing soils to be drawn down and out from under the roadway. We had performed similar projects for ODOT in the past. ODOT contacted URETEK USA because they were familiar with our technology. They also knew that our process is an effective repair, saving time, money and reducing delays for the traveling public.

FACTORS FOR CONSIDERATION: This section of I-275 is full depth asphalt, divided highway, with 6 total lanes. I-275 is the outer belt for Cincinnati and has a very high traffic count. All work needed to be conducted at night, and with temperatures beginning to drop and inclement weather on the way, we estimated a maximum 30 day window to solve their problem.


URETEK Deep Injection® Process 

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer testing data was taken down to 45’ to confirm and locate the weak soil zones. The URETEK Deep Injection process was used at various depths but mostly targeted the weakest areas in the upper 10’ providing direct support to the pavement system.


The possible need to mill and repave the asphalt to provide a smooth ride must always be considered when injecting expansive polymer into the soils beneath a flexible pavement system. This asphalt roadway was brought back up to grade with minimal pavement undulations; therefore, milling and filling was not required for this project.

The other repair option ODOT was considering was to excavate the entire 6 lanes of interstate down to 50’, replace the corrugated metal pipe, and rebuild the interstate. This would have been extremely expensive and required significant down-time.

URETEK Deep Injection along with the corrugated metal pipe repair was less than 10% of the proposed reconstruction cost. There were zero daytime lane closures as URETEK performed the work in a period of 12 nights, which further reduced any impact to the traveling public.


ODOT was very pleased with the results. URETEK USA completed the project on time. To date, the roadway is holding up very well. As always when URETEK injects into the soils to fix the underlying problem, URETEK provides a standard 2 year unconditional warranty against settlement.


  • Mimimal disruption to traffic flow
  • 1/10 of the cost of reconstruction
  • Project time frame a fraction of reconstruction
  • 2 year warranty