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The URETEK Method™ employs high density polymers to lift, realign, underseal, and void fill highway, roadway, bridge approach/departure and runway pavement slabs which are resting directly on base soils. Polymer resin components are injected, using small (5/8") drilled holes, directly through the concrete. As the resin mixture expands, voids are filled and a controlled mold pressure is exerted on a limited (8 to 10 foot diameter) area of the effected slab. Patterned multiple injection locations are used to re-support and accurately re-align slabs. The composite material quickly cures into a strong, stable, and long lasting replacement base material.

  • URETEK 486 material is guaranteed for a period of ten years against any significant shrinkage or deterioration.
  • The URETEK Method™ time requirement is significantly shorter than any other method being used today.
  • The smaller diameter and minimal number of injection holes used yields far less overall slab weakening.
  • The superior void filling characteristics of URETEK 486 means raising subsided areas is easily controlled and minimal pumping pressure and rapid curing of URETEK 486 reduces the amount of material escaping through voids and channels.
  • Expansion of URETEK 486 into cracks provides a positive seal to help prevent water infiltration and, due to the materials light weight, little additional overburden weight is added to already distressed subgrades.

DOT, Public Works, Bridge, Runway & Infrastructure Applications:

It is often vital that settlement of highway, roadway, bridge approach/departure slabs, taxiways/runways, tunnels and underground infrastructure be corrected. In all these situations, settlement problems can result in premature asset deterioration, road, bridge, tunnel and runway safety issues and unacceptable repair "down time." By using the patented URETEK Method™, most pavement settlement and alignment problems can be corrected with minimal disruption, delays or operations downtime.


URETEK USA Delivers:
Time Savings:
90% faster than competitive solutions
Project work completed in hours/days versus weeks/months
Fast installation, curing and cleanup

Minimal Disruption:
Minimizes or eliminates work zone delays
Work often done during off peak night time hours
Crews dismantle and remove work zones as they finish daily

Cost Savings:
Up to 75% less than replacement cost
10 Year material guarantee

Predictable Results:
75,000 successful projects worldwide
Precision adjustment to 1/8"
Hydro- insensitive - displaces under pavement water

Clean, organized worksite
Professionally trained & certified employees
Environmentally safe, inert product