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URETEK USA's patented Deep Injection™ (DI) Process employs high density expanding polymer to fill, densify, and stabilize low-density compressible soils to depths of 30 feet and beyond. The process is ideal for highways, bridge approach/departure slabs as well as taxiways, runways and tunnels with settlement problems caused by poor base and sub-base soil compaction.

Key Benefits:

  • URETEK USA's expanding polymer is a specially formulated hydroinsensitive material, guaranteed for ten years against any significant shrinkage or deterioration.
  • Time requirements for the Deep Injection (DI) Process are reduced to hours instead of the days or weeks required for other techniques. Time needed for project completion is dramatically reduced.
  • Desired lift and soil stability is assured by on-site Penetrometer Testing and laser equipment accuracy.
  • The cured polymer is inert, environmentally neutral, and is non contributory to soil or water contamination, leaching or pollution.
  • The Deep Injection Process is a lightweight system, less than 10% the weight of cement grouts. Minimal additional overburden weight is introduced into already distressed sub-grade soils.


URETEK USA's Deep Injection™ system places its unique expanding hydro-insensitive polymer precisely at the soil strata depth in question. After initial dynamic cone-penetrometer tests and engineering evaluation of the project structure and soils, ½" - ¾" holes are drilled to the various effected strata levels. Multiple injections at varying depths can be made to build columns of vertical support that reach to 30 feet and beyond. Specific injection grid patterns are engineered to maximize the support.

Additional applications include anchoring and structural repairs to pipes, storm drains, sewers, manholes and other underground utilities. DI is fast and effective - eliminating the need to excavate for such repairs.

URETEK has successfully completed over 4000 Deep Injection soils densification projects worldwide.


URETEK USA Delivers:
Time Savings:
90% faster than competitive solutions
Project work completed in hours/days versus weeks/months
Fast installation, curing and cleanup

Minimal Disruption:
Minimizes or eliminates work zone delays
Work often done during off peak night time hours
Crews dismantle and remove work zones as they finish daily

Cost Savings:
Up to 75% less than replacement cost
10 Year material guarantee

Predictable Results:
75,000 successful projects worldwide
Precision adjustment to 1/8"
Hydro- insensitive - displaces under pavement water

Clean, organized worksite
Professionally trained & certified employees
Environmentally safe, inert product